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About Us ADARA means one who is beautiful in Greek. Thus it inspire us to express our artistic ability in making exquisite fine hand-crafted jewelry which is meticulously designed and crafted to finish for enhancing beauty of each woman who embraces our unique and breath-taking adornments. Each piece of ADARA is exquisitely hand-crafted using Sterling Silver, Authentic Swarovski Zirconia & gem quality Semi-Precious Gemstone. Our design takes inspiration of making fine jewelry from every aspect of life. Free-spirited, open minded and multi-faceted. The designs are thought provoking and unpredictable while always remaining rooted in craftsmanship and exquisite detail. Intricate and unexpected details make our jewelry look and feel “unique and different”. Original design elements, some for all to see and others for your-eyes-only, makes each piece all the more personal. It’s not a jewelry for the faint hearted, it’s for the daring, bold, modern and trendsetter women who wish to adorn timeless, contemporary, impeccable jewelry to be worn everyday rather than to be confined to a safe. Our Craftsmanship Originally from Mumbai, we are a second generation jewelry professionals who have dedicated more than a decade manufacturing fine jewelry and have built our passion and skills to produce exquisite fine jewelry for our endearing customers. We are passionate about the quality of our jewelry and our craftsmanship which is meticulous and follows the century old traditions of jewelry making combining new age techniques of making fine jewelry. We pride ourselves saying that “jewelry making” is in our DNA and we celebrate this journey every moment of our life. It all begins in a dedicated workshop in Mumbai where we start making each jewelry from conception to finish under one roof, which finally goes through stringent quality check to find imperfection if any. Finally transforming intricate jewelry design turns into reality, unless we called it a “Masterpiece”. Customer First We have always been customer centric and definitely safety is the biggest concern. So we at ADARA follow standard safety norms while manufacturing and hence each piece made is free from harmful carcinogenic chemical like Nickel & Chromium which is used in other Silver Jewelry. Why us When you buy from us, you know you're getting the real deal. Because every piece of jewelry at ADARA comes with a Certificate of Assurance – so you never have to worry that you're getting something of less than stellar quality. This certificate guarantees that your jewelry is made of what we say it's made of and that the quality and craftsmanship is top notch. Each piece of ADARA jewelry comes with 2 years warranty from the date of purchase* Our jewelry is Quality Inspected under mandatory parameters to ensure each piece has a Scratch free surface, Good stone settings, High Finishing & Polishing, and Long lasting durability. We offer 75% Life Time Exchange if the jewelry piece(s) and stones are intact, the piece may be exchanged for any other item of the value of 75% or above of the price of the jewelry at the time of your purchase

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Exquisitely designed fine hand-crafted earring in Sterling Silver, Swarovski Zirconia & Semi-Precious Gem Stone.
Exquisitely designed fine hand-crafted earring in Sterling Silver, Swarovski Zirconia & Semi-Precious Gem Stone.
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Cluster Earring
Cluster Earring INR 7500 INR 7500 A swarovski encrusted cluster earring is a perfect pair for the modern and contemporary women to embrace this fine handcrafted masterpiece. True 1456221175
Floral Drop Earring
Floral Drop Earring INR 18000 INR 15000 Its a beautiful pair of earring meticulously crafted and finish in sterling silver, Best to wear at destination weddings and precious occasion. For placing an order kindly contact us. True 1457600477
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